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A woman with long dark hair sitting in a living room studies something on her computer tablet.

Support for Amway Independent Business Owners

Learn about the training and support Amway Independent Business Owners get from the company to help them grow sustainable businesses.
A woman with long dark hair sitting in a living room studies something on her computer tablet.

Support for Amway Independent Business Owners

Learn about the training and support Amway Independent Business Owners get from the company to help them grow sustainable businesses.
A woman with long dark hair sitting in a living room studies something on her computer tablet.

Support for Amway Independent Business Owners

Learn about the training and support Amway Independent Business Owners get from the company to help them grow sustainable businesses.

Comprehensive support system for Amway business owners

It’s always nice to have support when you start something new, whether it’s a hobby, an exercise routine or your own business.

Others who share your interest in woodworking or bread baking will be only too happy to impart their wisdom. Personal trainers or running buddies are going to be there cheering you on as you work toward your goals. And if you go into business for yourself, you can find support and training from mentors, business coaches or industry colleagues.

That’s especially true if you start a business with direct selling company Amway. When you become an Amway Independent Business Owner, or Amway IBO, registration is complimentary and you have the entire Amway operation behind you working to set you up for more success. Amway believes IBOs are in business for themselves, but never by themselves.

Amway, the number one direct selling company in the world, relies on Amway Independent Business Owners to sell its products to customers rather than stocking store shelves across the country or focusing on advertising. That’s why the company has a free comprehensive support system for the millions of IBOs across the world as they work to build a sustainable business.

Free training and education for Amway IBOs

When people register as an Amway IBO, they gain immediate access to Amway Education, a free online platform offering more than 150+ virtual courses in five languages filled with information about Amway products, solutions and programs; selling strategies; company rules; business tips and leadership skills.

An Amway IBO also has free access to podcasts designed to help grow the business. They feature Amway employees, executives or other IBOs talking about how the Amway business works and what tools they can use to maximize the potential for sustainable growth.

IBOs who reach a certain level of business growth may become eligible for additional free support from the Amway North America sales team. The team leverages analytics to provide highly personalized advice to IBO leaders, helping them identify challenges and maximize the earning potential of their team for continued growth.

Innovative tools and technology for Amway Independent Business Owners

Amway provides IBOs with their own digital storefront on Amway.ca along with online tools to manage and support their businesses from anywhere. Registration is complimentary. It’s an easy, four-step process allowing new IBOs to start selling products immediately with no startup costs.

And because direct selling is social selling, Amway has a repository of approved videos, images and other assets that IBOs can use on their social channels or in person to help educate customers about the many products, programs and solutions that Amway offers.

Amway also has online tools and apps that IBOs can use to help customers find the right beauty and nutrition products for them. The Nutrilite™ Nutrition Recommender provides expert guidance on which vitamins and supplements are best for someone based on their answers to an online assessment.

Created by a team of nutrition researchers working with the latest science and nearly 90 years of experience, the Nutrition Recommender looks at age, gender, lifestyle, activity level, personal goals and other concerns or needs to suggest vitamins and supplements.

The Artistry™ Virtual Beauty App uses a skin assessment to help create a customized skin care routine that can address a person’s unique skin care needs with personalized product recommendations. (Available for your  iOS® or Android® device.)*

And when IBOs are ready to grow their business by helping someone else become an Amway business owner, the simple mobile registration process allows them to sponsor new IBOs from anywhere. There are plenty of digital resources to help onboard and teach new Amway IBOs in a modern and effective way, too.

Quality products are the foundation of the Amway business

Along with IBOs, high quality products that help people live better lives are the backbone of the Amway business. The company offers nearly 400 industry-leading, health and wellbeing products and solutions across multiple brands for IBOs to sell to customers.

Those products are supported by nearly 800 science and innovation experts who are always looking for ways to improve them with a focus on quality and sustainability. They choose ingredients consciously and look for ways to reduce the environmental footprint in design and packaging.

Amway’s scientists are assisted by a team of Scientific Advisors who are experts in health, wellness, nutrition and skincare and provide connections to the latest research and innovation in their fields. The result is a collection of safe, effective products that are good for people and good for the world.

Nutrilite offers clean, plant-based vitamins, supplements and organics using ingredients made from plants grown on certified organic Nutrilite farms or partner farms. Artistry supports healthy looking skin with clean beauty products and traceable botanical ingredients to help people look and feel their best.

XS™ sports and fitness products help people fuel and optimize their fitness journey, whether they’re focused on energy, hydration, strengthening or recovery. Amway’s personal care category covers oral care, body care and hair care, all with plant-based goodness. And several Amway products support a healthy home, including eSpring™ water purifiers, Atmosphere Sky™ air purifiers, iCook™ kitchenware and Amway Home™ cleaning products.

And every product comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Amway provides reliable customer service

All those high quality products are supported by the Amway customer service department, which is available to answer questions from customers and IBOs about the products or the business. That ready source of information gives Amway Independent Business Owners more time to spend on selling products to customers and growing their business.

Amway customer service receives more than 2 million inquiries a year worldwide. At the Amway Regional Contact Center in Ada, Mich., 300+ customer service representatives take calls in five languages.

Amway's commitment to ethical practices

Amway also supports IBOs by enforcing a strict code of conduct to ensure the integrity of the business is protected. All representations of the business, earning potential and any claims about products must be truthful, accurate, realistic and not misleading.

The company is a longstanding member of the Direct Selling Association, too, which also has a strong code of ethics its members follow.

It’s important for IBOs to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility because their actions can have far-reaching effects, not only on their businesses, but on those of other IBOs, as well.

The Amway IBO community: A network of support

In addition to the free training and courses provided through Amway Education, IBOs are also supported by the other members of their sales team. They often get one-on-one coaching from their sponsors on sales strategies, leadership skills and how to build sustainable Amway businesses.

IBOs can also find training and education from Amway Approved Providers, who are authorized by Amway to provide additional support. That could be in the form of conferences, webinars, mentoring and more. These offerings are always optional and always backed by return policies, as required by Amway rules.

As IBOs continue to work at their Amway businesses and see results, they may become eligible for discretionary incentives, including a variety of annual Amway events. While the events always feature fun activities, they also provide an opportunity for additional education and training, especially on the launch of new products or programs and tips for continued business growth.

Want to learn more about becoming an Amway IBO? Check out the Start a Business page and take advantage of the complimentary registration.

*iOS® is a registered trademark of Cisco Technology, Inc.  Android® is a registered trademark of Google LLC.