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2023 Canada Income Disclosure


The Amway™ business is based on product sales. As an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO), you cannot earn money by merely sponsoring or recruiting others. You can earn money in the following two ways:

  1. Retail markup on product sales to customers; and
  2. Sales commissions (sometimes called bonuses or incentives) based on your product sales and the product sales of those on your sales team.

As with any other sales opportunity, the amount of money IBOs earn varies. Many IBOs want to earn some extra income, while some have other goals. How much you can earn as an IBO depends on many factors, including your customer base, business experience, skills, effort, dedication, and the quality and extent of your sales team.

The information in this document is based on data we collected about Canadian IBOs in 2023.

No Cost to Register; Cost to Renew

There is no cost to register as an IBO, and you do not need to buy any products or services to become or remain an IBO. However, there are costs to renew your Amway Independent Business after your first contract term ends. The annual cost to renew is CA$94 and will be charged if you elect to renew after your first contract term. This amount covers costs associated with Amway’s support of Canadian IBOs and includes CA$20 that Amway collects for your membership in the Independent Business Owners Association International (IBOAI), an independent, third-party association whose Board of Directors and Officers are charged with making recommendations to Amway that are intended to serve the best interests of IBOs.

Earnings in 2023

There are two ways IBOs earn money: retail markup on product sales to customers, and sales commission based on the sales of products.

What is the typical income in 2023?

For the calendar year 2023, many IBOs in Canada had no reported sales, did not sponsor another IBO, and did not earn any compensation from Amway.  Of those IBOs in Canada who, in 2023, received a payment from Amway in one or more months here is what they annually earned before expenses:

  • Typical IBOs in Canada earned up to CA$1,000 before expenses depending on their level of activity.
  • On average, the top 10% earned CA$14,926 and the top 50% earned CA$3,550 during 2023.

How do expenses affect the average earnings of an IBO?

Expenses may reduce your net income as an IBO. These can include the cost to renew, shipping charges, taxes and other expenses from samples, travel, or any optional training and support you purchase from Amway-licensed independent training organizations known as Approved Providers.  Such training and support are completely optional and Approved Providers are not allowed to charge IBOs for training and support in the IBO’s first contract year with Amway. 

What are recognition levels and what are the annual earnings by recognition levels in 2023?

The Amway IBO Compensation Plan recognizes IBOs whose personal and downline volume achieves certain monthly or annual levels. IBOs who are Silver level have had at least one month in a performance year where their personal and downline volume qualify them to receive a 25% performance bonus on their personal volume. IBOs who are Gold, Platinum, and Founders Platinum have additional requirements.

A small number of IBOs achieve higher levels of recognition and earnings. These results are atypical and not guaranteed, and they require skill, hard work, and dedication. 

Average Annual Earnings of Amway IBOs by Recognition (Pin) Level (not including business expenses)


Average Years
 to Reach Level

% of all IBOs at
this Level


Annual Earnings

Founders Platinum

2 - 6




1 – 10

0.21 %



2 – 10

0.11 %



2 – 9

0.24 %



Cancelling Your IBO Registration and Getting Refunds

  • You can cancel your IBO registration with Amway at any time.
  • You can return any unused and unsold products for a full refund. We will pay the shipping. Visit the Help Center for more information.

Download the printable PDF here.