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Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt,

The day Andrew Schmidt started his journey with Amway is one he will never forget. He started as a consultant working with Amway Japan, just days after the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Working alongside the Amway team, Andrew saw the values that guide and define Amway in action and realized this is a company unlike any other. He learned that while other companies claim to have values, Amway lives them. 

Today, Andrew is the Managing Director of Amway North America. His experience in Japan had a profound impact on his approach to leadership. He starts each day reflecting on Amway's values and embraces the company's principles: lead with heart, live to serve and love to learn.

"Nothing excites me more than the energy employees bring to work, to live our values and principles day in and day out and to make business better for Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and the customers they serve," says Andrew.

Andrew was named North America's new leader in December 2020, following seven years in global leadership roles for Amway. With a heart for helping employees and IBOs to succeed and a passion for driving growth through innovation, Andrew is focused on providing on-trend products, seamless customer experiences and better rewards and incentives for IBOs in the United States, Canada and Dominican Republic.

Andrew joined Amway in 2013 as Director of Growth & Business Development for the America's Region. In 2016, he was named Vice President – ABO Incentives, where he led distributor compensation, reward and recognition initiatives. More recently, he served as Vice President – Strategy & Corporate Development, driving strategy for Amway globally.

"From my early days working with Amway Japan to today leading North America, I've learned that the most powerful part of this business is our people: our employees and the relationships we've fostered with IBOs," says Andrew. "Together, we continue to build on an incredible opportunity to help people live better, healthier lives."

Previously, Andrew was a strategy consultant for Mars & Co. in New York and Tokyo. He earned his BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University in 2006.

Andrew serves on the Board of Directors for the Direct Selling Association and the U.S. Dream Academy.

Andrew lives in East Grand Rapids, Mich. with his wife and two children.