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Artistry™ Brush Set

Artistry™ Brush Set

Item # 700154 - 1 Set
Availability: No Longer Available
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Powder Brush

Great for loose or pressed powder. Shaped perfectly to ensure full coverage with a natural look. Dip tip of brush into loose powder, or sweep brush across pressed powder. Tap brush to remove excess powder and apply to face by gently sweeping brush in a downward motion.

Blush Brush

This fabulous brush is precisely proportioned for defining the cheek bone. Sweep tip of brush across a favorite blush color. For the most natural blush, smile and gently dust color down over the apple of the cheek and back toward the cheekbone.

Eye Shadow Brush

With lush, slightly tapered bristles, this brush is designed to blend and contour eye color all in one step! Hold brush flat and sweep across eye color. Gently tap brush to remove excess eye color. Use soft strokes to wash entire eye with color and slightly enhance crease.

Eye Contour Brush

This little wonder is all about definition! Angled, bristles fit perfectly in the crease of the eye to define, shape, and create the depth needed for beautiful eye color application. Place brush in crease of eye, sweeping color side to side with a windshield wiper motion.

Eye Liner/Brow Brush

Angled for easier application, this brush is a “must” to define eyes and brows. The firm synthetic bristles beautifully enhance features creating flawless results. Dip brush in eye color, then dot along lash line to enhance and line the eye. To define the brow, tap brush in eye color, then gently work color into brow.

Eye Brow/Lash Brush

This dual-purpose brush is great for both brows and lashes. Firm nylon bristles can help shape and refine even the most unruly brow. Or, work it through lashes to remove mascara clumps and perfectly separate lashes. Brush through brows and lashes to blend, shape, and separate.

Lip Brush

This brush creates a softer, more natural finish when applying lip color. Its tapered nylon bristles provide smooth, even, long-lasting coverage. And the convenient cap is perfect for traveling! Fill in lip color starting from center of lip, blending out toward natural lip line.

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