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Amway Home™ SA8™ Powder Laundry Detergent

Amway Home™ SA8™ Powder Laundry Detergent

Item # 109849 - 3 kg/6.6 lbs./up to 99 loads
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CLEAN CONFIDENTLY – Our original, quick-dissolving detergent rinses away completely for a cleaner clean with no irritating residue.
  • Biodegradable Formula
Ingredient NameCAS#Common Name/Function
Sodium Carbonate497-19-8Washing Soda
C10-16 Alcohol Ethoxylate68002-97-1Nonionic Surfactant
Sodium Bicarbonate144-55-8Buffering Agent
Sodium Citrate6132-04-3Organic Water Softener
Hydrated Silica112926-00-8Absorbent Mineral
Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose9004-32-4Anti-Redeposition Aid
Stearic Acid57-11-4Dispersing Aid
Sodium Chloride7647-14-5Process Aid
Sodium Sulfate7757-82-6Process Aid
Proprietary - See IFRAorg.orgwww.ifraorg.orgFragrance
Triazinyl Diaminostilbene Disulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt4193-55-9Fabric Brightener
Sucrose57-50-1Process Aid
Protease Enzyme9014-01-1Enzyme
Starch9005-25-8Process Aid


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  • Kosher Certified
  • Safer Choice
  • High Efficiency

Has the formula for SA8™ Laundry Detergent (either 1 kg or 3 kg) changed? Why?

Yes, we have globally updated our formula for SA8™ Laundry Detergent (Powder). The update was made to provide a more efficient formulation, improve our production processes and enhance the environmental friendliness of Amway Home™ products.

How does the performance and quality of the updated SA8™ compare to the previous formula?

Our new formulation is very similar to our previous version, uses the same fragrance and has demonstrated equivalent performance in our laboratory testing. This new formulation was developed by the laundry experts at Amway and maintains both our Bioquest and Safer Choice designations.

Why does the powder texture look different?

Our new formula is prepared using an updated process that results in a slightly less uniform powder texture. While the powder itself may look different, it delivers the same performance you expect from Amway Home™ and SA8™ products.

Past versions of SA8™ featured “exploding crystals”. Why were these removed from the new formula?

The “exploding crystals” used in previous formulations were primarily included to help distribute the powder out of the dosing trays in older washing machines. Modern washing machines no longer require this assistance so the “exploding crystals” were removed to improve the efficiency and environmental friendliness of our product and production processes. 

Are these powders (SA8™, All Fabric Bleach, etc.) made in the same place?

While these products continue to be made in the United States, they have moved to a new manufacturer who meets the highest standards of Amway.

Has the formula of All Fabric Bleach changed?

While our packaging has been updated (now 3.36 kg carton), the formula for All Fabric Bleach remains the same and its manufacturing processes are the same as they were in Ada, MI.

Why did the packaging for All Fabric Bleach change?

Our new packaging for All Fabric Bleach is very similar to that of the 1 kg SA8™ and is a more environmentally friendly option (as compared to the 1 kg recyclable plastic bottle). The carton itself is recyclable and our scoop is made from recycled materials that can be easily recycled. 

Additionally, this new packaging reduces our plastic use per item by 88% while also lowering the weight of the packaging we transport. The result is a reduced environmental impact without compromising the performance and quality you expect from Amway Home™.

Add 1 scoop (35 ml) to each load.

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