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Artistry™ Skincare Guide

3614 - Artistry™ Skincare Guide
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The Artistry® Skincare Guide is the ultimate learning tool to help you become an Artistry® skincare expert.

Download the current Artistry® Skincare Guide today! Go to Amway.ca/ResourceCenter or the Resource Center App, select ‘PDFs’, select ‘Beauty’, select ‘Artistry’, and choose Artistry® Skincare Guide.

The 2018 - 2019 Artistry® Skincare Guide print version will be available to order beginning August 2018.

Comprehensive yet compact in size, it’s filled with valuable info about the entire Artistry® skincare product portfolio – Hydration, Brightening, Anti-Aging, Luxury, Professional Treatments, Basic, and Men’s, as well as the latest skincare trends and product line synergies.

From products – including before and after images, “Which Product Is Right for You?” and “How to Apply” product guides, to product demos, selling info, and “How to Talk About” tips – it’s a wealth of shareable content all in one handy little book that slips easily into your purse or bag.

Build your beauty knowledge – download your Artistry® Skincare Guide today.

Retail Price: $11.00
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401654F - Artistry™ Skincare Guide - French
401654 - Artistry™ Skincare Guide - English
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